Simon Angerer

Since I’m 18 I was travelling and moving several times per year. I lived in several European countries and in Argentina. I travelled wide parts of Europe, South America and Morocco in extended journeys by bike or as backpacker. Restless. But some when the time came I felt tired of this constant changes, smashing up my entire life and felt ready to settle down.

The decision where to go was easy to take. Since years I had a strong connection to Portugal and in spring 2013 I finally moved to Lisbon. The strong connection became a true love for this place. Calm and rough in the same time, just like the bordering Atlantic.

Even if I found a place to quite with my restless life, it’s not over yet. 2016/17 I spent our European off-season in South America mountainbiking and bike travelling. The next escape is already in planning…

  • 10.000 km bike guiding experience
  • 15.000 km bike experience in Portugal
  • 30.000 km bike travel experience in Europe, South America and Africa
  • Bachelor in Tourism Managment
  • Fluent in German, English, Portuguese and Spanish