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Build your own journey

We want to allow you the maximum of flexibility. Select one of 8 different start points and chose from more than 30 stages all over Portugal. Build your own journey day by day! 

Step 1: Select your start

Each blue dot on the map is an optional start locations all over Portugal.

Start Locations
  • Porto (140,- p.p.)
  • Coimbra (140,- p,p.)
  • Ericeira (100,- p.p.)
  • Lisboa (100,- p.p.)
  • Cabo Espichel / Serra da Arrabida ( 140,-)
  • Santiago de Cacem (185,- p.p.)
  • Sagres (180,- p.p.)
  • Lagos (180,- p.p.)
  • Faro (180,-)
every start includes ...
  • Hotel with breakfast for the arrival night
  • Bike delivery to the hotel
  • Bike drop off at any of our hotels all over Portugal
  • airport transfer as indicated on the map (click on the blue dots)

Step 2: Select your stages

You can separately select your route from more than 30 stages.

  • All our stages are categorized in 3 price levels

    • economic (130,- p.p.)
    • intermediate (145,- p.p.)
    • premium (165,- p.p.)

    … and three endurance / experience levels
    (see the colors on the map)

  • easy (65km or less; 900m elevation or less)
  • intermediate (65 – 75km; 900-1200m elevation or more)
  • hard (75km or longer; 1200m elevation or more)
Every stage includes ...
  • rental bike
  • Garmin GPS device with a gps route
  • hotel accommodation (3* hotels or private accommodation)
  • personal transportation along the route if necessary
  • a detailed roadbook with route description, elevation profile and useful tips

Step 3: Calculate your Price

Price of the start Location + Price of each stage = Final price

Booking Details
  • Prices are per person
  • Prices are valid for reservation of 2-4 guests
  • If you travel alone or in a bigger group, please contact us to receive your individual rate.
  • Prices depend on availability. Short-dated reservations during the high season may vary

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