The challenge goes on in 2021

As everyone else we were hit by Covid 19. Fortunately not our health, but our activities!
But there is light at the end of the tunnel and we are ready for your visit 2021! . Unfortunately relgulations are frequently changing, depending on the pandemic situation. Certified with the Clean&Safe lable from the Turismo de Portugal we fulfill all legal requirements for your safety, while we try to create rides and rentals with as good as always. Maybe some services or dates wont be available or will need a bit more preparation time. Get in touch with us and we find the best solution for your stay!

First guests return to visit our beautiful country and rent our bikes to escape from the crowds. With this comes the next challenge for us. doing the best for our guests health and protection.

Beeing open air and active already is a good step to stay safe. Nevertheless together we need to fulfil a some additional requirements:

Our team and our guests fulfil requirements of social distancing and personal protection. While riding no mask is needed, but somewhen during the day it will be necessary. Please bring one!
Our equipment is cleaned according to the legal requirements after every use. Where ever possible we wash our equipment with 60° hot water. When ever this isn’t possible, we follow the washing istructions of the product. All contact points of the bike, such as handle bars and saddle are cleaned with alcohol after every use. Helmets are washed according the manufacturers instructions and only used once a week for different clients
Desinfectant and soap are available at every point. Please ask us if you need!


All information passed here is Current Situation in Portugal

The situation is still changing every day, but we try to keep you updated with the most important information. All information passed below is without guarantee. Please keep yourself informed by reliable sources according to your requirements.

Measures implemented in Portugal (Tourism Portugal):
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