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Lisbon – Lagos

Costa Vicentina

From the Portugal’s capital Lisbon to Lagos at the Western Algarve: A journey to remote beaches, through picturesque villages and beautiful nature. Lisbon to Lagos might be the most classic of all bike holidays in Portugal; and there’s a reason why.

The views from the cliffs, the paths along the unique Costa Vicentina, Mediterranean climate and the quickly changing ecosystems and landscapes provide perfect conditions for bike

320 – 360 km
Intermediate MTB Travel

8 days, 9 nights
Guest Houses and Glamping

self-guided from 750,-
guided from 1.100,-

Porto – Obidos

Costa de Prata

Costa de Prata in Central Portugal is a great mix of natural and cultural attractions and accessable even for beginners.

With Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra are some of Portugal’s most authentic and important towns on our way. Endless cycling lanes, spectacular panorama views at Estrada Atlantica and calm traditional rural areas form the ideal contrast to this historical treasures. Our final destination Obidos is a unique medival town is just an hour by train from Lisbon.


390 km
Beginners Bike Touring 

7 days, 8 nights
Guesthouses and Farms

self-guided from 900,-
guided from 1.100,-

Serra de Sintra

Sintra Trails

Bike time at Lisbon’s home trails: Discover the best of the breathtaking Mountainbike region of Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Ericeira.

Countless trails between Tejo River and the Atlantic make Sintra an Eldorado for intermediate and advanced riders. Even during the off-season of most European bike destinations Portugal provides ideal conditions to ride.

4 AM & XC Tours
1 Sintra Bike Shuttle

5 days, 6 nights (or 3d/4n)
Double rooms in Guesthouses

3 days from 350,-
5 days from 550,-

Serra de Sintra

Lisbon’s home trails

Only 45min to reach from Lisbon you find a true trail paradise: Between the delta of Rio Tejo and the rough Atlantic is located the 500m high Serra de Sintra. Thrilling singletrails, smooth panorama roads, top class panorama trails and a lot of rural charm make Serra de Sintra a must go for experts and beginners. But: No pain, no gain! Sintra’s sharp uphills require all your legs got!

All Mountain Single Trails Tours
Panorama Rides between Sintra and Cascais or Ericeira

Coastal Trail World

Ericeira Trail World

30km outside of Lisbon is located Ericeira, the charming heart of Lisbon’s north coast. Unique coastal trails lead north and south of Ericeira along the coast. Views reach from Cabo da Roca until Peniche. Singletrails and ancient paths cross the forests, wine yards and river valleys. The mix of international surf vibe and the traditional, rural charm makes Ericeira the place for relaxed bike hoildays. Ericeira is the place to be for beginners and intermediate riders.

Singletrails for Beginners & Advanced
Bike & Wine Rides

Urban Trails

Lisbon City Biking

Enjoy Lisbon on a private bike tour! Customized for you we reach all interesting sides of Lisbon by bike. Old or new architecture, smooth parks or lively boulevards, classic history or vibrant street life, everything is just a step away. Discover Lisbon by bike!


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