Morocco 2013

Tanger – Chefchaouen – Fez – Imichil – Nekob – Zagora – Marrakesh

The Ride

The adventure I was unsuccessfully searching in Spain and Portugal, I finally found here. Me and my aged and tired Iron Lady started to live up once again when we arrived in Morocco. Dirt roads, closed ways, cows on the highways, hospitable people and a stunning change of culture and landscape every day. From the first moment this diverse country showed my its exiting face.
Peoples hospitality was probably the most impressive on this journey. So I was allowed to sleep in so many different houses, invited to so many tasty meals and teas and even to a Moroccan marriage. Even if it wasn’t always easy I feel very thankful for the beautiful people of Morocco.


The Bike: The Iron Lady, end of a love story

The 16th and the last country for my Iron Lady. The bike that was on my side since I started to cycle remained in Morocco. I think it’s the best that can happen to an old and tired travel bike. Morocco is like a bike retirement residence.

While european cyclists looked more and more critical to the Iron Lady, in Morocco she was suddenly a queen. The highlight was a broken rear hub which was repaired somewhere in the middle of the dessert by adding a tune cane into the hub. That lasted hours, but it was a good sign that the Iron Lady found her place and so I think she still rolls somewhere between Tangier and Sahara.