Serra de Sintra

Sintra Trails

Sintra Bike Weeks

It’s bike time at Lisbon’s home trails: Discover the best of the breathtaking region between Lisbon, Cascais, Sintra and Ericeira.

Countless trails between Tejo River and the Atlantic make Sintra an Eldorado for intermediate and advanced riders. Even during the off-season of most European bike destinations Portugal provides ideal conditions to ride.

Our Rides

Lisbon Urban Trails

45km – 700m elevation gain
It’s an easy warm up: Portugal’s capital Lisbon is on today’s schedule. Half day we spend in the traditional old town of Lisbon. From the city center almost all points of interest can easily be reached by bike even if some hills might complicate the way. Charming squared and stunning view points, smooth parks and lively boulevards, classic history and vibrant street life. See the best city by bike!
After a lunch in one of our favourit local kitchens, we start into the next ride. The second part of the day we spend in one of europe’s biggest city forests: Monsanto Park. Gravel and singletrails in the middle of the city, mixed with stunning views from the waterfront round up this forst day.

Sintra - Cascais Panorama Ride

From Sintra, at 200m altitude, we go first go down to the northern beaches of Serra de Sintra. This might be through the National Park Sintra-Cascais or through the rural nearby villages. After a second breakfast in Colares we reach the long beach Praia Grande. South of Praia Grande the cliffs raise up into Serra de Sintra. Some tough uphills later, we find ourselfs on dirt roads going up and down with panorama views until one of the main highlights of the day: Europe’s most southwestern point Cabo da Roca and the surrounding beaches.
When leaving the lighthouse at the cape we are facing a last serious uphill. After a last pitstop at Azoia or one of the nearby panorama bars all the uphill will be paidback on the long downhill to Praia do Guincho, a famous surfer beach.
Here is where we find a long and flat cycling lane along the ocean until Cascais. Our ride ends in the city center of Cascais and we got time for the well deserved a recovery drink!

Sintra Bike Shuttle

Sintra is a real trail paradise. Time to discover the great singletrails between the peaks and the ocean. With a shuttle service we will ride the 6 best singletrails between Cascais, Cabo da Roca and Colares. A van will pick us up at the ocean and shuttle us back to the peaks. All we need to do is to descent a total elevation loss of 2000m.

5 hours on the trails are enough for today. We take the bikes back to Sintra, while you choose to stay on the beaches or return to Sintra with us.

Sintra - Ericeira Panorama Trails

Our start in Sintra allows us to roll down to the beach for the first hour. At our arrival at the beach the charming coastal villages of Azenhas do Mar and Praia das Macas invites for a little break, before we start into the coastal trails.
Up and down between beaches and cliffs we travel up north and accumulate almost 750m of altitude gain this day. The marvellous views from the trails on top of the cliffs compensate easily for every effort. Unbeatable views on flowy trailsurfing combined with some technical parts dominate this day along the ocean.
After the beaches of Praia da Macas, Magoito, Samara and the beautiful Praia do Sao Julhao we reach Ericeira on the charming river delta at Foz de Lizando. A last tough uphill later we reached our destination. Ericeira invites to stay, but also allows to be back in Lisbon in less than an hour.

Lizandro Trails

A natural bike park waits for us south of Ericeira. The catchy sand stone trails at the river delta of Rio Lizando provide fun and challenging rides for beginners, but also for advanced riders. Near Assafana, where the trails become more sandy, we leave the coast and hit into the bushes.

Between old wind mills and abandoned villages the trail becomes more challenging now. Steep gravel roads and technical single trails lead us down to the Lizando valley. By a reason the trail along the river is known as the “Amazonas Trail”. The dense and shady river valley is the perfect way to round up this day.

The uphill from the cliffs to the wind mills high over the sea is the only long uphill this day. Technically the trail is just as challenging as you want it to be as it allows some short cuts when ever necessary.

Sintra Bike Shuttle

 Enjoy the best trails between Praia do Guincho, Cabo da Roca, Colares! 5 hours downhill on Sintras best trails and back up comfortable with our van.

  • Ride Lisbons most famous trails

  • more than 2000m acummulated elevaition loss

  • comfortable mini bus with trailer or rack

Sintra Bike Shuttle is included in some of our Guided Bike Weeks and also available as single-day booking. Further dates will be announced.

For all self- or private guided packages can be organzied individually. Please contact us for more infromation.

Our Services

Sintra Bike Shuttle

Enjoy the best trails between Praia do Guincho, Cabo da Roca, Colares! 5 hours downhill on Sintras best trails and back up comfortable with our van.

Sintra Bike Shuttle is included in all our Guided Bike Weeks. For all self- or private guided Packages it’s available on request.

Individual Shuttle Services are 130,- if available. Bikes and Guiding not included.

Personal Guiding

 Sintras trails areour home ground. Shredding the trails between the peaks and the ocean is what we do all year long.

Our guides speak fluently English, German and Portuguese. Let us show you our favorite trails and you won’t miss anything!

GPS Guiding

Go self-guided and maximize your flexibility!

We provide Garmin GPS divices with open cycling maps and gps-tracks for the best trails around Lisbon, Sintra and Ericeira.


We carefully selected Bed & Breakfasts which goes along with the vibe of our stages. A centrally located down-town hostels in Lisbon, hidden cottages in Sintra and laid back surf houses in Ericeira.

All our accommodations in this area include breakfast. 

Wine Tasting

Wine and Portugalbelong together like trails and bikes.

After 5 days on the trails we well deserved to enjoy this other portuguese pleasures: A winery welcomes us at the end of the last trail. We will taste some wines and some local delicacies from the Lisbon and Ericeira region.

Only our guided tour ends at the winery to be transfered back to Ericeira afterwards. Self-guided trips finish in Ericeira. Wine tasting and return transfer are optionally available.

Lunch & Snacks

Beside of snacks and water along the way, every day includes a break and a recovery drink. This might not always be a full lunch, but every day includes a stop at our favourit restaurants, bakeries, wineries or bars.

Baggage Transfer

Multi-day mountain bike trips withour concerning about your luggage:

You leave your baggage prepared in the morning and we concern that you find it at your room in the evening.

Assistance 24h/day

Guided or self-guided: we always are available for you!

Call us and we or one of our partners will try to resolve every difficulty you might have during your trip.

Personal Transfers

We concern about all transfers you might need during this days. We pick you up in Lisbon and drop you off at the the trails and pick you up at the end of the trails and bring you back to your hotel.

Our Hotels

The vibrant city of Lisbon, the fairitale atmosphere of Sintra and the vibe of the ocean in Sintra: This is our backyard! Stay with us at hand selected Bed & Breakfasts in our favorite locations.

All hotels and any other partners on this travel are certified Clean&Safe by the Turismo de Portugal and verified and reviewed by our partner Lifextreme.

Lisbon Calling

  • Cosy en suite guesthouse with historic arquitecture
  • located near the water front and Lisbon downtown
  • Breakfast included

Chill In - Ericeira

  • Active surfhouse
  • walking distance to the town center

Niceway - Sintra

  • Historic charme
  • lively hostel with double bedrooms
  • big garden

Dates & Prices

Let us know about your plans and we create your holidays on your wishes

Sintra Trails

from 450,- p.p.

Guided in a group of 4 or more

2 Pedaling Tours + 1 Bike Shuttle
 4 Nights (Sintra and Ericeira

  • 5 guided or self-guided MTB Rides
  • 1 Sintra Bike Shuttle (guided only!)
  • Full Suspension Bike + protection
  • 3 nights with breakfast
  • Lunch & Wine Tasting
  • Baggage Transfer between Lisbon, Sintra and Ericeria

Guided Private
per person 600,-

dates on request

Guided Public
Group Size per person
2 guests 600,-
3 guests 500,-
4 guests 450,-
5 guests 450,-
6 guests 450,-

Start: Tuesday evening, Sintra
Finish: Saturday morning, Ericeira

06.04. – 09.04.2021
04.05. – 07.05.2021
02.06. – 04.06.2021
29.06. – 02.07.2021
27.07. – 30.07.2021
25.08. – 27.08.2021
21.09. – 24.09.2021
19.10. – 22.10.2021
16.11. – 19.11.2021
14.12. – 17.12.2021

more dates on request



1 guest 450,-
2 guests 350,-
3 guests 350,-
4 guests 320,-
5 guests 320,-
6 guests 300,-

dates on request

Lisbon Trails

from 550,- p.p.

Price for 2 guests Self-guide

4 Pedaling Tours + 1 Bike Shuttle*
6 Nights (Lisbon, Sintra, Ericeira

  • 5 guided or self-guided MTB Rides
  • 1 Sintra Bike Shuttle (*guided only!)
  • Full Suspension Bike + protection
  • 6 nights with breakfast
  • Lunch & Wine Tasting
  • all necessary transfers between Lisbon and Ericeria
  • Baggage Transfer between Lisbon, Sintra and Ericeria

Guided Private
per person 1.100,-

ask for your individual rate
dates on request

Guided Public
1 guest 990,-
2 guests 890,-
3 guests 790,-
4 guests 750,-
5 guests 720,-
6 guests 690,-

Start: Sunday evening, Lisbon
Saturday morning, Ericeira

04.04. – 09.04.2021
02.05. – 07.05.2021
30.05. – 04.06.2021
27.06. – 02.07.2021
25.07. – 30.07.2021
22.08. – 27.08.2021
19.09. – 24.09.2021
17.10. – 22.10.2021
14.11. – 19.11.2021
12.12. – 17.12.2021

more dates on request


 no shuttle included

1 guest 650,-
2 guests 550,-
3 guests 550,-
4 guests 550,-
5 guests 550,-
6 guests 500,-

daily start, depends on hotel availability

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