Terms and Conditions for participation on all our guided tours

Safty Advice

Helmets are provided free of charge and hightly recommended to wear at all times when cycling.

All our bikes are up to international quality standards and well maintained. Upon receiving the bike, please make sure to carefully check and test ride the bike, and to let us know immediately of any possible faults. Renter agree to use the bikes at their own risk.

Accidents & Insurance

Participants must feel safe to cycle in an unknown city traffic and must respect portuguese traffic regulations. During the tour the participant is covered with accident insurance when following the instuctions of the guide and cycles responsible. The customer is responsible for adequate personal insurance coverage for all other risks that may occur.

Physical conditions and cycling skills are required to participate. Any injure, sickness or other facts that can affect participants ability to participate must inmediately be reported to the guide.

MTB-Portugal and the guide are not liable for any claims for body injury or harm, accidents, damage caused to third person property or loss of personal belonging caused by weather, sickness, or any other causes whatsoever beyond the control of MTB-Portugal and the guide.

Theft & Damage

The customer is liable for using the bike. The customer is obliged to inform the renting company immediately, if the bike has been involved in an accident or if it was stolen. In case of theft the customer has to report the theft to the police immediately. The Renting Company has to be informed of which police station and the theft number.

The customer is liable for any arising costs from loss, theft or damages other than the normal wear and tear. In case of theft or damage usual market prices will be charged against the renter.

replacement prices e. g.: rim 40,- / chain 30,- / chain wheel 40,- / brake 30,- / brake disc 20,- / deraileure 60,- / drop out 20,- / grips 10,- / saddle 30,- / e-bike display 150,- / e-bike battery 150,- / scratched suspension 80,-