The services are offered by Simon Angerer (Tapada das Flores, Vivenda Santa Isabela; 2645-448 Alcabideche // NIF 280929862 /RNAAT no.: 1264/2017; following Renting Company), which owns the bikes. The rental conditions provide an integral part of the rental contract. With his signature, the customer agrees to have read and accept the rental conditions without reserve:

1. Minimum age of customer

1.1. Children and teenagers under the age of 16 have to be accompanied by an adult. MTB and trekking bikes may be rented to children and teenagers under 16 years, who are not accompanied by an adult, only upon presentation of the written consent from the parents or legal guardian.

1.2. E-bikes are rented to persons aged 16 and older only.

2. Receipt of the MTB / Trekking Bike / Kids’ Bike / E-Bike

2.1. The customer receives the bike in a clean condition and is safe for operation. Complaints on the part of the customer have to be made at the time of receipt of the rental object.

2.2. The customer shall use the bike in a roadworthy manner by adhering to legal regulations, especially the road traffic regulations. It is forbidden to cycle off beaten tracks and the rental object is to be used for the intended purpose only.

2.3. Only the renting customer is allowed to cycle the bike.

2.4. Without the written consent of the Renting Company, the bike may not be used in competitions, in commercial traffic, for cycling to foreign countries or for illegal purposes.

2.5 All rentals include helmet and lock optional and free of extra costs. Panniers, GPS-systems and lights can be purchased at optional costs.

3. Obligations of the Customer/Renting Company

3.1. The customer commits to caring for the bike and to adhere to technical rules. Furthermore, he commits to storing the bike in a safe place and to locking the bike. After 10 pm the bike has to be stored in a closed off room.

3.2. An extension of the rental contract is only possible with the consent of the Renting Company and before the running rental contract expires. The Renting Company can refuse the extension request without providing reasons.

3.3. The customer commits to informing the Renting Company about any bike faults arising during the contract period.

3.4. If a fault on the bike occurs during the renting period, and it cannot be quickly resolved, the customer has the right to receive a replacement bike or to be refunded the rental fee if all other bikes have been rented. This right does not apply if the customer has caused the fault or defect.

3.5. A binding reservation is possible on-site only in connection of a deposit payment of 5 Euro per rental object. The bikes are reserved for a maximum of 30 minutes after the agreed appointment. The deposit will not be refunded in case of no-show.

3.6. The customer is responsible for insurance. By signing the contract, the customer declares having sufficient insurance to cover the risk that cycling bears.

3.7. The use of the rental helmets, which are provided for free, occurs on a voluntary basis and at the user’s own risk. The Renting Company does not assume liability in this regard.

3.8. Bikes without lighting system may not be used in darkness or twilight.

4. Repair Works

4.1. A defect bike always has to be returned to the pick-up/return station.

4.2. If the damage is caused through improper handling of the bike or by fault of the customer, the customer has to carry the repair costs.

4.3. In case of loss or damage of the key for battery or lock, a fee of 10 Euro is charged.

5. Accident/Theft

5.1. The customer is obliged to inform the Renting Company immediately, if the bike has been as involved in an accident or if it was stolen. In case of accident the customer has to present a detailed written accident report with accident sketch to the Renting Company. The accident report has to include the name and address of the persons involved, of possible witnesses, and the registration plate numbers of any cars that might have been involved.

5.2. In case of theft the customer has to report the theft to the police immediately. The Renting Company has to be informed of which police station and the theft number. The customer is responsible for any arising costs. The current market value of the bike will be charged.

6. Liability

6.1. The equipment owner shall be liable only in case of gross negligence.

6.2. The customer has to return the bike in the same condition as it was handed over at the start of the rental contract.

6.3. The customer assumes liability for culpable damage to the bike and for breach of contractual obligations. In this case, the customer will also be charged for incidental damage costs.

6.4. If a third party compensates the Renting Company for the damage caused, the customer is released from any liability for compensation to the Renting Company.

7. Return of the MTB / Trekking Bike / Kids’ Bike / E-Bike

7.1. The customer has to return the bike to the pick-up station of the Renting Company by the end of the contract term. Every rental day ends at 19h if not agreed differently

8. Special rent conditions for E-bikes

8.1. E-bikes are rented to persons from 16 years only.

8.2. If the rent duration is more than one day, the customer has to recharge the E-bike battery over night for about 4 hours in order to guarantee operation of the bike on the following day. For this purpose, in case of a rent duration of more than one day, the customer receives a charging station without any surcharge.

9. Conclusion

9.1. The rental fee is due when taking over the rental object.

9.2. A deposit of aplies on an individual combined amount. If the bike is returned to the original rental station without damage, the deposit will be refunded.
If the renting party causes damage to the material, the deposit will be retained as advance payment for the repair costs.

9.3. If individual provisions of the contract should be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected thereby.