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Surfer Coast

Europe’s Surf Paradise

Some of Europe’s best surf spot lining up like peals on a string between Peniche and Sintra. A rough coast with high cliffs, charming villages and massive waives make this area one of a kind. The most impressive might be how close all this is to Lisbon, as we reach from Lisbon airport every of this points in less than 1.5 hours.
Peniche, Santa Cruz and Ericeira offer international spirit, modern vibes and surfer lifestyle. While around Porto Novo, Foz de Sisandro or Assafora life is still dominated by the soil and the ocean in typical rural villages. Pass through charming villages and secluded beaches while cycling to discover the impressive cliffs with views of a hundred kilometer from Cabo da Roca until Berlenguas, the small island in front of Peniche.
In the interior we find very fertil river valleys which turned this area into a famous wine region with the centers in Bombaral and Torres Vedras.

Around Peniche we find the easiest waives and also the easiest cycling routes. Until Porto Novo the side roads along the coast should be the best option. Later, from Porto Novo to Santa Cruz, we find a constant and comfortable cycling lane, but also some dirt roads and trails with spectacular ocean views.

Between Santa Cruz to Sintra is located the coastal trail, a non-constant bike and hike trail as close to the rough coast as possible, that connects wide parts of this coast on dirt roads and single tracks.

While the roads in this area, specially during the summer season, got constantly growing traffic, this route is mostly out of traffic. The trail is not to underestimate, between beaches and the up to 70m high cliffs accumulate quite a few ascents and the route is a mix of sideroads, bumpy dirt roads, sandy single tracks with even a few pushing sections.

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To follow the coast we recommend to go on mountainbikes. The best way to discover this area is the described coastal trail, which mostly is not accessable with gravel bikes.

Great terrain for gravel and road biking we find a bit away from the coast. Particular the region between Torres Vedras and Mafra, which got good pavement, many unpaived roads through the wineyards and relatively sparesly traffic.

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Overall, while the climate around Peniche and  Ericeira aligns with the general temperate maritime conditions of the Portuguese coast, its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean shapes a microclimate that includes slightly cooler summers, milder winters, and the presence of oceanic winds, making it a haven for both outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking a moderate, seaside climate.

The coastal location contributes to its exposure to prevailing winds, which can be quite strong, especially in the winter months. These winds can influence the climate, bringing occasional rain and creating favorable conditions for water sports like surfing due to the consistent swells generated by Atlantic storms.

Around Ericeira even during the summer it can be foggy and cooler than at other parts of the coast.  Closer to Serra de Sintra a very particular microclimate can bring rain and cooler temperatures. Even during the summer, when the rest of the country dries out, the Sintra-Ericeira region remains cooler, more humid and green as you might expect.

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Stunning trails &epic waives

Enjoy the best that Portual has to offer for outdoor lovers: Some of Europes best surf waives are only a bike ride away from each other. Explore some of the continent’s most coveted surf waves, set against the backdrop of stunning World Surf Reserves, and traverse Europe’s most captivating cliff trails. Here’s a sneak peek into your extraordinary trip:

Day 1 – Baleal in Peniche: The Perfect Start

We kick off your adventure with a gentle introduction to the world of surfing at Baleal in Peniche. These beginner-friendly waves provide the ideal training ground for novice surfers. Peniche exudes a vibrant coastal charm, seamlessly blending the authentic Portuguese fishing town atmosphere with the energetic and laid-back vibe of a top-notch surf destination

Day 2 – Peniche to Santa Cruz: Get on the bikes

Also our first bike day comes relexed. For much of the route, there is a dedicated coastal bike path along the coast, which ensures a safe, easy and enjoyable ride. A flat route leads us along stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean with rugged cliffs, sandy beaches, and panoramic vistas.

Day 3 – Santa Cruz: A Hidden Gem

Santa Cruz, the hidden gem of our journey, offers a laid-back atmosphere and pristine Praia Azul with its expansive sandy beach. It’s an underrated paradise for surfing enthusiasts, where you can hone your skills amidst breathtaking coastal beauty.

Day 4 – Santa Cruz to Ericeira: An Epic Bike Route

Prepare for a day of thrilling biking adventure as we pedal from Santa Cruz to Ericeira. Along the way, we traverse unique single trails and dirt roads, perched atop 60-meter high cliffs. Discover charming villages and secluded beaches, all while reveling in the natural beauty of the Portuguese coast.

Day 5 – Ericeira: Surfer’s Paradise

Ericeira, our third and final surf stop, provides a bench of top-quality reef and beach breaks for surfers of all levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting, Ericeira’s waves are sure to satisfy your surfing cravings. Immerse yourself in the vibrant, international surf scene while appreciating the town’s traditional charm.

Day 6 – Ericeira to Serra de Sintra: A Biking Extravaganza

Embark on another epic biking adventure from Ericeira to the renowned cycling destination of Serra de Sintra. Then, pedal your way to Europe’s westernmost point at Cabo da Roca. This unforgettable route promises breathtaking scenery and a thrilling sense of accomplishment.

Don’t miss this chance to experience the best of Portugal’s outdoor paradise. Join us on a journey that combines the thrill of surfing with the allure of scenic biking routes, all set against the backdrop of Europe’s most stunning coastal landscapes.

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