More questions?

 How to book a rental bike?

Send us a booking request and we will send you a booking offer with all booking and payment details usually within a few hours.For reservation we require a 50% pre-payment. The remaining can be balanced anytime before or directly at the pick up.

I would like to pick up or drop off my rental bike the day before or after our trip. Do I have to pay for?

Yes. If you pick up your bike the day before your rental or drop off the morning after your rental we charge 10,- for Basic MTB, Travel MTB and Basic E-MTB and 15,- for Travel MTB, Fully or Gravel Bikes.

What happens if my rental bike got stolen or if I suffer a damage?

First of all we hope you are alright! Unfortunately we need to charge loss or damages beyond the normal use against the renter. In case of total loss of a bike we charge the current value of the bike, in case of damages we charge the usual market value, as we do for our shop customers.

Fortunately this is a very rare case. If you want to get safe anyways we offer a liability waiver for 5,- per bike and rental day. Covered are all damages up to 100,- and a 50% coverage of all damages / loss above this value.

How can I do the payment?

We accept pre-payment via Paypal or bank transfer. Payment fees apply for Paypal (4%) and CreditCard (3%)

For short-dated payments via bank transfer it might be necessary to send us a bank confirmation as a proof of payment.

Payments in cash or card payment can only be accepted in Lisbon and Ericeira. At any other pick up locations please proceed your payment in advance or electronic directly at the pick up.

Is a deposit required for bike and equipment rentals?

Yes, the amount of deposit depends on your reservation and is usually between 50 – 200 Euro. Alternatively we also accept valid driving licences, IDs or passports.

How does Cancellation Work?

We require a 50% pre-payment for your reservation. In case of no-show or cancellation this amount is not refundable. The remaining amount remains refundable, in case that the booking is fully paid and cancelled.

For reservation with our booking partners applies the partners cancellation policies. Please get in contact directly with the booking partner.

Cancellation due to weather conditions remains our decision. We can offer tours and rentals by almost every weather, but we don’t force anybody to go out in a thunderstorm.

How do I pick up and drop off a rental bike?

Lisbon: Tuesday to Saturday you can pick up and drop off bikes during our opening hours (10:00 – 14:00 and 16:00 – 19:00 in Lisbon at BinaClinica (Rua Bica do Sapato 50B). Sunday and Monday pick ups and drop offs are usually possible on agreement only. Please contact us to confirm availability.

Ericeira: Our station in Ericeira doesn’t have defined opening hours, but very flexible availability. Monday to Sunday we are always available on request.

Porto: Our Partner Velurb in Porto is available for you from Monday to Friday 9:30 – 13:00 and 15:00 – 19:00

How to book bike holidays with MTB Portugal?

All our bike holidays are a cooperation with Lifextreme. Booking and payment will always be made directly with Lifextreme. We have some prepared offers for you to book imediately. But mostly we organize our holiday packages on a very individual base. If you send us a message, we would try to give you a quick call. By experience this is the best option for us to understand your needs and start to create a individual offer.

If you have questions about the tour itinerary feel free to contact us (in English, Portuguese or German) or Lifextreme (in English, Portuguese or Italian) about the tour itinerary. If you have questions about all payment issues or legal requirements ideally contact Lifextreme directly at info@lifextreme.net