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Rear Panniers

Ortlieb Backroller 20l

Waterproofed Ortlieb panniers are the touring classic and the most basic equipment for every bike travel.

Seatpost Bag

Ortlieb Bikepacker 15l

Ortlieb Bikepacker 15l

Ortlieb Bikepacker 15l

Ortlieb Bikepacker 15l

You carry some luggage but still want to go on the trails? Seatpost bags are the ideal solution for bikepacking and minimalistic trips

Handlebar Bag

Ortlieb Handlebar bag 7l

Have your most important things always around. After rear  panniers a handlebar bag is the first step of comfort for bikepacking and touring

Touring Tent

Salewa Denali II

Comfortable 2 person tents
2,4kg and 2.2×2.4×1.6m

Light Tents

Ferrino Sling 1 or 2

Minimalistic ultra light tents
1kg for 1 person and 1.4kg for 2 persons


Cat eye G-Volt50

Front & Back Light
USB rechargable
50Lux illumination